Wood plank tile in Palm City

Wood plank tile in Port Saint Lucie

Bonnie Tile is a tile company specialized in Wood plank tile in Palm City. With over two decades of experience in tile design and installation, Bonnie Tile is noted for its high quality service and product.

But what is Wood Plank Tile Flooring? Well, wood plank tile It is quite simply porcelain tile that looks like wood. In fact, many of these products look so real that to the naked eye it’s nearly impossible to know that what you’re seeing is not real wood.

It's gorgeous, natural-looking and it combines all the beauty of wood with the durability of tile. That means you can give any room the elegant look of hardwood, especially in high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and even wall backsplashes!

Wood plank tile flooring in Palm City has become one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry today. With the advancements in manufacturing processes, porcelain tile that looks like natural wood is being used in projects large and small.

If you want the wood grain look with the durability of ceramic or porcelain, you’ll find a perfect choice among Bonnie Tile’s wood look tile selection. Wood’s attractive appearance remains popular, and can be enjoyed with easier maintenance and greater durability with these tiles. The rich colors work for floor and wall applications.
Plank tile is available in sizes ranging from 24–42 inches long and 6–8 inches wide. For more information and directions about Wood plank tile in Palm City, please call us at 561.743.0303 or visit the main page.



Wood plank tile in Palm City