Tumbled marble in Treasure Coast

Tumbled marble in Treasure Coast

Tumbled marble in the Treasure Coast – Differences between polished, honed and tumbled marble

You came, you saw it, you fell in love with it. Marble is a gorgeous material that can add value to any home. But before you decide to buy those tiles of tumbled marble in the Treasure Coast, you should know about the other two popular marble finishes so you can make an informed choice.

Polished marble
The polished finish is the most known form of marble: a shiny stone with deep colors that reflects light. Because the glossy surface makes scratches and etching more notorious, it’s recommended for low-traffic areas and for decorative purposes in highly visible areas.

Honed marble
The honed finish may make marble have a satin-like sheen without being reflective, or be completely matte. As it’s duller than polished marble, it’s very popular for high-traffic areas without risks of spilling: living room, hall or entryway.

Tumbled marble
This finish gives the stone a more authentic look, with the imperfections that can be found in natural marble. Tumbled marble is common in bathrooms, as its textured surface make it less slippery. It’s also seen in marble mosaics and backsplashes.

With such a wide variety of styles available in every price range, Bonnie Tile can help you choose the right tumbled marble in the Treasure Coast to ensure a worthwhile investment.

Bonnie Tile was recognized as one of the largest importers and distributors of tile and marble during the 1990's. At Bonnie Tile you can choose from many tile colors and styles, and get creative in the patterns in which you use them.

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Tumbled marble in Treasure Coast