Tumbled marble in Port Saint Lucie

Tumbled marble in Port Saint Lucie

Tumbled marble in Port Saint Lucie – Differences between polished, honed and tumbled marble

You came, you saw it, you fell in love with it. Marble is a gorgeous material that can add value to any home. But before you decide to buy those tiles of tumbled marble in Port Saint Lucie, you should know about the other two popular marble finishes so you can make an informed choice.

Polished marble
Polished marble is one of the most well-known finishes. It is very elegant and modern, adding a touch of glamour and a contemporary twist to your home. A polished finish gives marble a glossy look that brings out its full color and character.

Honed marble
Honed marble is beautiful, simple and contemporary. It’s a middle point between the smoothness of polished marble and the muted look of tumbled marble. Honed marble can range between a satin finish (little gloss) and a matte finish (no gloss).

Tumbled marble
Tumbled marble is ideal for anyone looking to add a rustic atmosphere to their home. It has a trademark weathered look while still being smooth to touch. A tumbled finish adds texture to a room, and is perfect to achieve an antique look.

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Tumbled marble in Port Saint Lucie