Tumbled marble in Martin County

Tumbled marble in Martin County

Tumbled marble in Martin County – Differences between polished, honed and tumbled marble

You came, you saw it, you fell in love with it. Marble is a gorgeous material that can add value to any home. But before you decide to buy those tiles of tumbled marble in Martin County, you should know about the other two popular marble finishes so you can make an informed choice.

Polished marble
This finish gives a shiny, high-end look to your marble. While polished marble is relatively stain-proof and water-resistant, it can scratch and etch easily. That’s why you’ll need to do some maintenance polishing to keep it’s sheen like the day you bought it.

Honed marble
A honed finish gives a matte, smooth look. This finish is very popular because it makes marble more resistant to scratching and etching. However, as the process for honing marble opens the stone’s pores, it’s less resistant to staining.

Tumbled marble
Tumbled marble has a weathered look, making it perfect for a rustic environment. Like with other types of marble, it should be cleaned regularly with non-abrasive products to avoid damage to the surface. Additionally, it should be sealed to prevent discoloration and enhance the color.

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Tumbled marble in Martin County