Stone flooring in Treasure Coast

Stone flooring in Treasure Coast

What types of stone flooring are there?

Stone is a natural, elegant tile material that will give any space a high-end, luxurious look. Due to being extracted from mineral substances found in the mountains, stone flooring in the Treasure Coast is very durable.

There are several different natural stones that can be used for tile, such as granite, marble, limestone and travertine. They all have different degrees of resistance to chipping, scratching and water. One thing they have in common is that they require constant maintenance and should be cleaned with special products.

Read this list to find out the most popular types of stone used for flooring, their advantages and their disadvantages.


Due to its elegance and refinement, marble tile is a classic. As marble is a stone that develops in nature under different conditions, it can come in a variety of colors, veins and patterns. This means that every marble floor will be unique.

Marble is a very durable stone and will upgrade your home immediately. On the other hand, it requires constant care and is difficult to clean. It’s also very susceptible to chips, scratches and stains, so it’s best to use it in low-traffic areas unless it’s sealed.


Granite is another popular choice for stone flooring. While it doesn’t have the same elegance as marble (it’s speckled instead of veined), it’s denser and more stain-resistant for a lower price tag. Once it has been polished, it’s also very resistant to chipping and scratches.

Just as with marble, the specific patterns that occur naturally during the creation of granite means no two granite tiles will be the same. Due to its durability, granite is recommended for kitchens and other high-traffic areas.


If you want a material highly resistant to water, you should consider using slate. While not as reputed as marble or granite, it will give your home a beautiful look for a more affordable price. Slate usually comes in a greyish-black color, but it can also be found in green, blue, brown and even orange.

Slate is very slip-resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and can keep a room cool or warm. Regular mopping with water is required to keep slate looking its best, and it’s recommended to periodically reseal it.


If you want a marble flooring but are deterred by the price and the maintenance, quartzite is a great alternative. Quartzite is durable, smooth and shiny stone that can be crystalized and sealed in a darker shade to emulate the look of marble.

A great advantage of quartzite is that it’s highly impervious. This means that, unlike most natural stones, it’s very resistant to water and stains. It’s also dense, durable and slip-resistant, which means it can be used in pool surrounds, driveways and paths.


While most stone floors give the room a fancy air, limestone can achieve a rustic, natural look that is just as beautiful. Limestone comes in a variety of shades and it’s easy to shape for specific placements.

On account of its durability, limestone is recommended for outdoors, although it will work in any room of the house.

Before you buy it, remember that limestone requires regular maintenance and resealing, and to clean it you must use non-abrasive products.

There is a great variety of tile materials that you can choose for your stone flooring in the Treasure Coast. The best type of stone floor won’t be always the same: the right material depends on the room, the design, the budget and your specific needs.

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Stone flooring in Treasure Coast