Porcelain in Stuart

Porcelain in Stuart

Bonnie Tile offers a variety of tile options such as: glass, porcelain, ceramic and stone. Porcelain countertops are also available. All of the tile flooring available at Bonnie Tile is certified and it’s the highest quality.

Why people choose us?

Customers can be certain the tile they choose will be durable, stain resistant and maintain its original luster. For inspiration and ideas on their next flooring and wall project, customers are invited to visit the brand new show room inaugurated in Martin County. This gallery features flooring and décor styles include Mediterranean, Old World, Contemporary, Art Deco, and Modern.

Porcelain in Stuart is a great option for countertops, wall, floor and other decorative accents in your home or business. Porcelain tile brings more resistant to wear and be likely to last better over the years than other standard ceramic tile does.

Did you know…? Bonnie Tile is a flooring company specialized in Porcelain in Stuart. Customers that require installation of flooring, countertops made of Porcelain in Stuart also find this service at Bonnie Tile.

With over two decades of experience in tile design and installation, Bonnie Tile is well-known for its high quality services and products.

For more information and directions please call us at 561.743.0303 or visit the main page. https://bonnietilefl.com/





Porcelain in Stuart