Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie

Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie

Marble restoration in Port St. Lucie

Welcome to Bonnie Tile, a leader in Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie. We provide all the care you need for your marble, granite, concrete, and grout. From residential to corporate projects, we offer a full range of flooring maintenance and restoration needs.

With over 55 years of industry experience, we are ready to tackle any tough job. We have transformed everything from a one-day clean and polish to long-term, larger commercial restoration projects in the Treasure Coast area.

Marble restoration provides numerous benefits. It is long-lasting, will reduce re-soiling, can eliminate the need for replacement, will help to remove all scratches and scuffs, and will restore the surface to its original, vibrant coloring. There are a variety of marble types, and each requires different care. Our Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie experts can identify your marble type and provide the best restoration solutions.

You can't get the same cut of marble twice. Marble is so unique that each cut can't be duplicated or found two of a kind. That's why marble restoration--not a replacement--is essential.
The current look of your marble floor, countertop, or hall cannot be recreated with new pieces of marble. It's best to restore the existing parts to their former luster and shine instead of searching for replacement pieces that are similar in cut, design, and color.

Marble is an excellent option for flooring, countertops, and other decorative accents in your home or business. If you have marble floors, polishing the marble will help prevent your flooring from re-soiling. Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie will help your marble achieve its natural, reflective qualities.

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Marble restoration in Port Saint Lucie